Technical Consulting Cloud Service

  • Vehicle Crashworthiness Safety

     Automotive structural crashworthiness analysis

     Passenger restraint system simulation

     Crash tests benchmarking

     Pedestrian protection analysis

     Car seats  simulation analysis and structural optimization

     Crash analysis of airbag, IP, interior and door

  • Stiffness and Strength

    Strength and stiffness analysis of BIW, four doors and two covers

    Seat stiffness and strength analysis

    Suspension system static strength analysis

    Strength analysis of engine parts

    Automotive interior and exterior strength analysis

    Seat belt anchor point strength analysis

  • Sheet Metal Forming Analysis

    Sheet metal stamping simulation can simulate the whole process of stamping, including gravity deflection, blank holding, bead forming, draw bead arrangement, hydroforming, and tube bending and forming and so on. Sheet metal stamping simulation can accurately predict rupture, wrinkling, bulging, and spring back position to help shorten mold design and trial test cycle, and reduce production cost.

  • CFD

    Defrosting/ defogging analysis

    Cabin thermal comfort analysis

    Air conditioning system performance design and optimization

    Vehicle profile aerodynamic optimization analysis

  • Drop Test Analysis

    Drop test analysis can be used to simulate the possible impact and free fall of a product during handling and operating, to study a product's resistance to accidental impact, such as the impact analysis of the fall of a mobile phones while operating, and refrigerators during transportation.

  • Fatigue and Durability

     Fatigue analysis of engine parts

     Durability analysis of suspension system

    BIW fatigue analysis

    Spot welding life prediction

  • Optimization

    With given constraints and optimization objectives, through large number of simulation calculation to optimize topology, topography, topological dimension, and free shape, simulation-based optimization analysis can be used effectively to obtain optimal design, hence increase the competitiveness of products

  • NVH

    · Modal analysis for whole vehicle and parts

    · Vibration characteristics analysis of vehicle and parts

    · Interior acoustic characteristics optimization analysis

    · Suspension system optimization

  • Other

    · Explosion and Blast Analysis;

    · Compatibility analysis of bird strike and engine  blades;

    · Metal high-speed tensile test and data processing;

    · GISSMO Metal Failure Simulation;Fluid-solid coupling analysis;

    · Human body model,  barrier model, moving barrier  mode